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Why aren’t you getting results on your Digital Marketing ads?

As you all know, we’re in a generation where everyone uses their mobile and laptop all day all night. Some jobs require a laptop only. I’m one of those people, the only time I don’t use my laptop is when I’m out on a meeting or sleeping. Meaning we’re surfing around the internet all the time, whether you’re doing research or searching for a location in a specific place. The searching you’re doing all day is feeding the search engines around the internet to understand your behavior, it knows what you’re potential to buy and what you’re not. It knows your interests, your needs, your wants.

You’re probably asking yourself “ So what do they do with this information?” well, let me break it down for you. Let’s say I’m interested in Nike shoes, and I’ve been surfing around the internet for Nike shoes and went to their website more than once within the past week. Now Nike knows that I’m looking for something, and they might know what’s the exact product I’m looking for. Now how do they use this information to get me to buy? They will retarget me while I’m visiting different websites, and also while scrolling through social media platforms by either showing me the same shoes on a banner or giving me a discount.

Now you’re probably asking yourself “ Why are my marketing campaigns not getting me any results?” Let me tell you why:

1- What most clients don’t understand is that quality pictures and videos are very important when running a marketing campaign. If you’d like to invest in Marketing, then before thinking of doing that, you have to invest in a photoshoot session with a good photographer.
If you don’t have attractive pictures or videos, then who’s going to stop on your ad and click on it? Probably no one. There has to be a clear message with a clear photo and caption.
Therefore, the first step you need to do is to make sure you have quality pictures and videos.

2- You’re probably targeting the wrong audience at the wrong time. When it comes to Digital Marketing, one of the most important things is A/B Testing, meaning you’ve to test the audience more than once to know which ones are the right ones.

3- Probably the budget you’ve set for the campaign is completely wrong. You cannot run a campaign in a very low budget. Well, it also depends on your goal. If your goal is a Brand Awareness campaign, then setting a low budget is possible, but if you want to run a Leads Generation campaign then the campaign might not work if the budget is low, because probably all your competitors are setting high bids. So how will your campaign run if all the bids are way higher than yours? Always remember that bidding strategies might differ from one country to another. For example, a lead might cost less in Turkey than in the UAE. But why?! Because the competition in the UAE is extremely more than Turkey or Jordan or Iraq etc..
4- You might be running your ads on the wrong platform. For example, do you think it’s effective to run a real estate campaign on TikTok?! Definitely not. Because TikTok users are mostly between the age of 13-25. Therefore you might run a campaign for days and not get any results, but if you’d like to promote a game or specific brand, then you will be getting huge results. Now let me explain the above in two scenarios:

Scenario A:
You run an ad on Facebook & Instagram promoting a Real Estate offer, and the campaign’s budget is 100$

Scenario B:
You run the same ad campaign, with the same creatives on TikTok and campaign budget is also 100$
Now the question is, which one will get you more results? & why?
In my opinion, Facebook & Instagram will definitely get you more results than TikTok.


When you ran on Facebook & Instagram, you probably target people between the age of 25 – 45+, now Facebook & Instagram is going to spend the 100$ easily on the relevant audience for your campaign, whether businessmen, or business owners, or real estate owners, etc, therefore your ad might get a lot of clicks and a lot of form submissions because it targeted people who are interested in your offer. Now TikTok might get you results, but not as much as Facebook & Instagram. TikTok is going to spend your 100$ on the wrong audience. You will find out the click rate is very low compared to Facebook & Instagram. Do you think 13 years old is going to purchase an apartment?

So you have to make sure all the above criteria are being set perfectly, and the right tools are available for you to track your audience. Always remember to A/B test your audience before running any campaign on any platform, and always ask yourself the following:

“ What audience do I need to target ?”
“ Which platform should I run my ad? “
“ Do I have quality pictures? ”
“ Am I spending the right budget? “

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